Best british HW hope?


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Dec 30, 2002
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Are there any? The current crop does little to excite me, Audley is pretty much wasting in time. Danny Williams had potential if he could've overcome his lack of focus.

I've been meaning to check out Chris Burton for some time, he's been quietly moving up the british ranking and he's from my home town so there's really noo excuse. Anyone got any info on this chap?

Or any suggestions who else to look out for to restore some interest?
Frankie Gavin. He's still an amateur but he'll become pro after the Olympics. GBP and Warren already wants him.
The crop of Brit HW's that have been around for the last few years (eg. Sprott, Skelton, Williams, Audley) seem to all be past their career peaks (although Audley and Skelton are in line for Sam Peter). I cant think of any new young guys coming on to the scene, but Haye is up from CW and i see him making a big impact.
audley's gonna outbox peter if they fight. call me crazy but watch.
haye is the only hope at the moment, but give us 10 years we'll scratch up something.. now the american HW scene thats a topic :)