Bernard Hopkins vs Joe Calzaghe Weigh In Result


Blue Belt
Oct 29, 2007
Reaction score
Bernard Hopkins- 173
Joe Calzaghe- 173

Both looked ripped, Calzaghe noticibaly more than normal.
good, doesn't suprise anyone as these guys have always been professionals. Now it woulda been something had one of them pulled a Castillo.
I am deeply, deeply upset that I have to wait until tomorrow to see this fight.
I pray to the GODs Calzaghe can shut up B-Hop!!!!!!!!
I hope our god shines brightly on our pockets books as well!

i had three parlays...

KC, MC, BHop

i've given up betting on boxing, but i'm sure going to feel stupid for not betting on this fight if Bhop wins.
Hopkins looked quite a bit bigger though. I'm not buying all this "I hope Joe shuts B-Hop up" why? that's B-Hops style, the guy is an amazing fighter, I aint looking for him to be shut up cause if you look at his record, you'll find it's him that does the shutting up!
WAR BHOP!!!!!!!!!!! beat joe's ass for my bday!!!!!!
haha, Joe Calzaghe comes to the U.S to challenge Hopkins and gets an applause while Bernard is boooo'd like a motherfucker! I hope Joe KO's him good
Its gonna be a technical boring fight that goes 12 rounds. I think calzaghe will win. This shoudl either set up RJJ or pavlik. ARum has pavlik set up for fights, so we might have RJJ real quick against calzaghe (hopefully), but i doubt it.

the idea of calzaghe finishing bhop with a finality excites me to the point that we finally get to see calzaghe hopkins. Now that, is gonna be good. one gives a fuck about your gambling addiction.