Belt length - help


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Mar 10, 2007
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I ordered an A4 Gi on the recommendation of the manufacturer. It still fits like crap. The chest is too small, sleeves too long, and the waist on the pants could fit another person.

I then ordered an A4 belt and this thing is massive. When I tie it in a knot there ends are over 1' long each. I can almost get the belt once more around my body. Any quick fixes?

Secondly, Anyone make a Gi that is designed for broad chest and shoulders? Seems like all the Gi's are made for skinny people
5'8", 220

Spent the last 10 years in the weight room, so trying to find a Gi that fits isn't easy
wow... i'm 5'9 and i'm only 140.

Is that 220 of solid muscle?


As for your belt, you could actually try cutting it to size, and then sewing up the end - take it to a tailor, see what they can do with it. Or trade someone in your class - there's bound to be one or two people with belts they can barely fit around their waist.

If you want to buy another one at a cheap price:
I'm a 34 and the ouano A3 belt is maybe an inch or so longer than what I would like. Probably would be a good fit for you.
The A4 should be fine.. PM and i will go over how to properly tie itso that it will make sense.
What kind of Gi did you get? I'm 5'9 1/2 and 250 lbs and my Vulkan A4 top and A3 pants work well. The top fits perfectly, and I could've probably have gotten an A2 pants because the waist on the A3 is huge. I think for me, Vulkan and Atama fit great. I bought a Howard single and it doesn't fit through the chest at all. I am going to sell it. I love my Vulkan, and was lucky to get a non preshrunk A4 top.