Being a UFC champ is starting to become less meaningful nowadays

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Kaiserjuan, Jul 31, 2016.

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    Long-reigning champs are in the past: the GSPs, the Silvas, the JJs are ong gone now. Most of the time all we see is good fighters who make it to the top, maybe muddle through for one or two fights if they are lucky and then quickly go back to contender status or fade into illness and injuries.

    Even though you cannot take away the personal achievement of becoming champ, there has been no sign of dominance lately, every champ has about 1-2 contenders (or even more) in the roster that can beat them. Jokes aside the only real dominant champ (ala GSP and even greater) is MM, but unfortunatelly his weight class does not allow him to get even close to what GSP or Silva were. People say he's boring but I say that late GSP was way way more boring than Johnson. I don't think he really gets the credit he deserves and this goes to show how average MMA fans are really casuals.

    Maybe the only one who is starting to shine and be dominant (where dominant means "I crush any other fighter in the division") is DC, even though his loss to JJ will haunt him forever and lead fans to consider him a "paper champ" or "the second best".

    HW is still a circus where anyone with a good punch to the jaw can become champ any day of the week. Cain being the only one who showed signs of dominance and greatness, unfortunatelly made a huge mistake in the Werdum fight and besides that he is constantly injured. JDS had the potential before getting wrecked by cain. Stipe, I say he is very very beatable and may be a little chinny...but we will see, I personally like him.

    Bisping , tough fighter and all, but really he is pretty much a joke as a champ and wants to avenge his loss to a now 46 yo Henderson. Fucking 46!!! Of course he knows any other contender would wreck him: Weidman, Jacare, Romero, Rockhold all kick his ass

    WW Robbie has been great and all but brawling your way to the championship and being on the very lucky side of some really close decisions is not what people expect from a dominant champ. His fights are really really excting though and he always delivers.

    LW: just as RDA started becoming somewhat dominant he got KTFO by a mid tier fighter.

    FW: Conor never defended and will probably never defend, especially if he wins this one against Diaz. He will probably go for the LW title, especially with Eddie who is looking for a red panty night. He still has to answer the Edgar question, even though people now discretid Frankie after his loss to the arguably best FW ever and say he's a bum.

    BW: well forgot about The Dominator. Yes he is dominant when he is actually fighting, but how long before he takes another 3 year layoff?
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    He got in the position to getting to fight 46 yo Henderson by beating Rockhold, who would definitely kick his ass.
  3. Corleone187

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    it always has. No mainstream media has ever really acknowledge the title, mainly cause how the UFC is run.

    I remember when Randy just left the belt to go do other things and Conor made his own title called the Conor Belt
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    Admit it, you are one of those who gave no chance, and now you are upset.
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    Bring a champ is more prestigious than reading your wall of text
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    Stopped reading at "Bisping is a joke" then you go on to list Rockhold as a guy who destroys him...

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    It's not so much the champions. The UFC should honor the rankings system and not let the champs bypass it.
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    Agree with most of this, but I definately wouldn't call Alvarez 'mid-tier' and despite the surprise of Bisping being champ I wouldn't necessarily call it 'a joke' considering who he beat, so you have to give him some credit.
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    You're forgetting the golden rule. If Bisping beats you, you're a can.
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