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Oct 26, 2005
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I've been checking out some BJJ schools around my area, and i've narrowed it down to 2 places. One seems to be the Better school, as it produced a couple of students who placed highly at naga and some tournament down in brazil. Also the instructor seems to be more credible then the other school. But the problem is the cost, it just seems to be too much for 3 hours a week.

On the other hand the 2nd school is much cheap but seems to be the lesser school.

My question is, would it be better to try out the cheaper school to get a basic understanding, and then later go to the better school for the more advanced training?

They are both the same distance away.

i would say it depends on the difference in price and in how much better the other school is. You dont watn to go to a place that will teach you bad habits just for a few extra dollars in your pockets. Also you might advance quicker in the other school making it worth the money.

It might even be cheaper in the end to go to the better school if you can advance your skills further in comparison with the dollars that you spend.

in case you dont understand my points lets say that you can get to a skil level of "10" (its a made up level i dont want to use belts because belts arent equal in skill at different places). Ok so you get to skill level 10 in a year at the better school but it takes you 2 years to get to level 10 at the other school. Now unless the other school is two times more expensive, it would be better to go to the more expensive school.

Ultimately, i would just say try both out because they will both probably let you roll with them a little bit and see which atmosphere is better and if it is worth the money. I would peronally go to the more expensive because they are both expensive and if im going to be investing this much time and money into it i might as well throw down the extra and not think "well maybe i couldve won this competition if i had gone to the better schooL'
Well, look at your goals. Do you want to compete and train hardcore or do you just want to have fun learning a new art and stay in shape
3 hours a week in any school will be slow progress i think. it takes not only technique but mat time wich you wont be getting at the 3 hour week school.
You need to train at least 3 times per week, 1hour 30 minutes each time... If possible more.
try them both out, do which ever one i smore fun.
Do whatr makes you happy over anything else.. The rest of training will fall into place.

Alot depends on the instructor, if you like/respect/admire him.. or if you just go to him because he is the only jiujitsu coach in town.
If they are both legit BJJ schools, i would try out the cheaper one first. There are no McDojos in BJJ, you can trace any BJJ school teacher to who taught him. If it's legit, I'd give it a shot. The reason one is more expensive is due to the fact that it's produced champions & can charge more. The other school may be newer & just trying to get students at this stage.

If you decide you want to try the more expensive school for whatever reason, make the switch.
If you're in chicago you should train at Carlson's Academy. Best instruction you'll ever get.
Check them both out to see what you like. "Basics" are not the same from each school, so you can't say that you'll learn the basic from one academy, then learn higher stuff from the other. You might have to re-learn everything and then you'll realize you just wasted X amount of money and time at the other place. We have purple belts from other academies come in and take the beginner white belt classes because their foundation of "basics" is completely different and not as efficient (no offense to their academy) as ours.