Beatdown: Randleman Edition

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    Massive thanks to Sherdog for the Randleman Beatdown Podcast

    The intro with Randlemans walkout music and then soundbytes of commentary during his best moves in Pride reminded me of how unique and awesome that MMA period was

    I literally got chills from the nostalgia

    My observations

    * Randleman in part made Fedor

    him going crazy at Fedor during the opening ceremony and Fedor responding with his pokerface and surviving getting Randleplexed then finishing the fight are key moments that formed my opinion of Fedor during that era

    * Pride was maybe a bit racist

    as TJ pointed out, they used Donkey Kong in Randlemans walkout vs Saku, at the time I didn't notice it or if I did I didn't think anything of it, not sure if that's a good thing

    - he also made Sakus grappling look rediculously good, that armbar setup

    * Randleman was a product of that era and vice versa, PEDs and all and that's nothing to be ashamed of

    The podcast didn't mince words about PEDS, and it shouldn't, there was something awesome about that era that MMA today doesn't seem to have, slams for one

    * Renallo was actually pretty good and an important part of that era

    I never liked Renallo as I thought he seemed like an accountant but listening to the podcast gave me an appreciation of how his enthusiasm contributed to my experience back then, him going apesh*t with Bas in the background

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