basic grappling gear?


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Feb 19, 2008
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hi, i'm a high school senior looking to join a bjj club in college (i have no bjj experience whatsoever), and i was just wondering about what are some of the basic, barest essentials gear needed/recommended?

i was thinking at least a rashguard (the club offers no-gi), an athletic supporter+cup, and maybe a mouthpiece?

as for the rashguard, what would be a good brand to start out with and where can i find it? i have a very limited budget (preferably anything under $25?) and i don't need anything that's top of the line. also, can anyone explain how the sizing works? i was looking at another thread and one person suggested getting a size larger?

i'm also going to join a thai boxing club, and i was wondering if i should invest in Shock Doctor's stainless steel alloy cup? or would a normal cup suffice?

many thanks!
whoa u need some shorts, i use a rash guard, but its NOT needed!! I actually wear nike rash guards that I get for $10 at the nike outlets. Many people wear tshirts. A mouth piece and a cup are MUSTS! Have fun relax, and remember it takes awhile before u seen improvements! just keep at it
i use a shockdoctor cup and its great. any of those are fine. some mma shorts/grappling shorts, and a good mouthguard.