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Jan 3, 2006
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im getting this set of DVD's to learn some new moves and i was wondering if anyone has seen them and can confirm their greatness or warn me of the horror that will ensue by watching them. i exaggerate, but seriously do you guys think its a good buy or are there better DVD's for what im really looking for. im looking mainly for takedowns and some good ground moves. I know hes got takedowns but does he go over a lot of ground moves? if not, then does anyone know of a better instructional video (or set of videos) that shows you more ground moves like sweeps and reversals, along with locks and submissions, as well as takedowns? and im sorry to post this considering im sure that there is already a thread about this because i actually just read it and i noticed a lot of people didn't like Bas' Big dvd's of combat because of its lack of focus on sweeps and reversals and said that you needed to be pretty strong to pull some of his moves in that. I'm trying to pick up some new moves for a grappling competition in april and im lookin for lots of good ground stuff, and some takedowns too, but mainly lots of ground stuff. Thanks for any help, and sorry to revive the dead :icon_neut
personally, i enjoy watching bas fight and respect him a lot for what he's done in mma...but he wouldnt be the first person i would ask for grappling advice, especially since you seem to be sport grappling oriented and bas' stuff is more geared towards mma.

i have heard great things about saulo's gi set. i have his no gi set, which i like but its not really for beginners (what kind of experience do you have, btw?). marcelo's dvd's are good and he actually shows his go-to moves, but again they arent for beginners and i havent seen all the volumes.

im not much of an instructional guy...i'll buy the ones that i can read a review on, but i think too many of them are filled with kinda shabby techniques that the instructors don't use.
Some of his leglock set ups are sick, a lot of his techniques are more suited for MMA than pure no gi or gi grappling, however in my opinion his DVDS of Combat, conditioning nothwithstanding since my local leisure centre doesn't have the same machines, are worth the investment.
I have his set and I did pick out some good pointers. The DVD is like an encyclopedia of catch submissions. A lot of it looks like low percentage subs. What I got mostly from it is his ground positioning/escapes. He's got a weird side control which I don't like. I'd rather buy 1 or 2 of the CDs but not all 7 or so of it if I could. Pretty expensive but its ok. Ppl are right he doesn't have many sweeps.
if you are talking about MMA then i think they are amazing...i really think they are worth it, he talks fairly often about he regularly taps out top ten ranked fighters that come to train with him so...i would say take the plunge is you have the money!
I'd reccomend them. The material on takedowns isn't great, but the ground work, particularly the subs is excellent. The leg lock dvd alone is worth the price of the set and while a lot of people may quiblle that some of it is low percentage moves a lot of them are demonstrated by showing clips of him using them in competition, in fact several of the more unusual moves have made it into my most used techniques as they are actually very solid and your opponent won't see them coming (i never thoguht the Bas Rutten neck crank would work but ended up in position for it and it worked the first time so i started using it regularly and its a very usefull move). There is'nt much on sweeps, as someone already said, but then I guess this is because its for mma so there's no gi which makes them much less effective.

The most important thing to realise about the set is that it is full of what Bas Rutten likes to use, so its got some holes in it and it is kind of aimed at a particular style of grappling and striking, but its still worth getting for anybody.
it's the most complete MMA set that exists today, as far as i'm aware, and goes over loads of chokes, armbars and leglocks

it's quite specific to MMA at times and he does make a point of correcting somethings from sport BJJ which are ineffective in MMA. off the top of my head he does straight ankle/achilles locks and also some armbars slightly differently.

there's a lot of MMA cardio stuff / pad work which is excellent and there's a section on ground and pound too IIRC.

the takedowns section is pretty brief tho so i'd get another instructional if that was what you were wanting to learn.