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Jul 20, 2005
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Yall know anything bout Bando?

There's this big Muay Thai versus Bando tournament in the U.S. What's up with that?
I understand it's a Burmese art to some extent related to or influenced by Muay Thai, with more weapons training thrown in with the enpty-handed component.
AFAIK, it's the Burmese own art very similar to Muay Thai.

The Thai and the Burmese have a bit of a rivalry over whose fighters are tougher/better.
I've spoken with this chick out in the midwest that trained in Bando for two years, culminating in a tourney she took on one day's notice. She actually won one of her fights, even though she wasn't prepared and hadn't been training as long as her opponents.

Anyway, it's extremely similar to muay Thai. One thing I noticed is that they often don't wear any protection save a mouthpeice and cup (for the guys).
imagine old school muy thai with head butts and sticking on the ground and you have bando.
Muay thai are themaster of the knees and Bando are experts on elbow strikes and clinch tech. I think cro cops original trainer had Bando background/influence
You are referring to lethwei and not bando. Lethwei is the bare knuckle ring art. Bando is a martial art system primarily taught by dr. gyi in the us. Thiang is the primary art in myanmar.