Bag/pad gloves

i have the smaller bag gloves.... after a while my wrists started hurting, i don't think they have enough support in that area

so i've went back to using my 14oz twins gloves on the bag
You're going to mess the 16oz gloves up on the heavy bag. I say get the bag gloves if you're not sparring.
i was just going to say that too. It's true that boxing gloves are made of a softer foam when compared to bag gloves. However I used a pair of 18oz boxing gloves for absolutely everything when I was fighting. This is because I was studying at the time and couldn't afford a pair of bag gloves. I now use a pair of 16oz Fairtex for sparring and Twins double ribbed bag gloves for pad/bag work. Those TGO3s look good. However I was put off Fairtex bag gloves after trying one of my students TGT7s. They just felt really uncomfortable. However they were new, but when I got my Twins bag gloves they felt comfortable straight away. I just think Fairtex stuff needs a bit more breaking in than Twins.
Fairtex has some gloves specifically designed for bag/mitt work (Heavy Hitter Training Gloves). They aren't recommended for sparring though. If you get the smaller pair of gloves, I would still wrap your hands/wrist for additional support.
So, including all other brands besides Fairtex, which gloves would you guys recommend for heavy bag work and occasional pad work?
Ringside makes some great gloves and so does Combat Sports