Bag Gloves vs. Training Gloves


Dec 6, 2002
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I'm thinking about getting gloves to hit the heavy bag and was thinking about these:

or these in 12 oz:


The KO gloves are sold as "sparring gloves" so I dunno If I should use them to hit a bag

maybe I should just get "training gloves" instead

the traditional "bag gloves" might not get me enough protection?
I am also confused between the difference between training, sparring, soft training, thai style, etc etc gloves.
Depending on how big you are I'd go with something more protective than the 1st, and most likely the second. I'm a big fan of 16oz bag gloves.

I just like to have a lot of cushion for my hands and support for my wrists. No sense in breaking my hand when I didn't have to.
I weight around 200 lbs
I was thinking maybe getting some super bag gloves like 14 or 16 oz and the traditional windy bag gloves ( 2 pairs for heavy work and for light work)...or maybe the ko fightgear "sparring gloves" which might actually be good for bag work?
I wore the KOFG 16 ozers for a while as bag gloves, they worked great. Very durable and great support...super quality for the price.
I would get the 16oz bag gloves, they are going to hold up better in the long run and give you more protection.

Usually "training/sparring" gloves are made with softer (less dense) foam, which is better for actually striking a sparring partner. The "bag gloves" are usually made of a harder (more dense) foam that can take the hard pounding of a heavy bag and mitts. If you hit a sparring partner with bag gloves, it is like hitting them with a rock.