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Dec 12, 2005
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I have terrible vision. I've got astigmatism in both eyes and can't even make out people's facial features when they're 6 feet away from me. I'm talking no eyes or anything. This isn't a problem for grappling at all since you can do that literally with your eyes closed. When it comes to standup fighting, however, the handicap is quite palpable. I can't strike very accurately and I'm hesitant to let my hands and feet go for fear of missing some shot that's coming at me. This results in me sticking to an outside game, working just jabs and leg kicks, when I'm entirely confidant in my strking ability and combinations with my glasses on. I much prefer fighting standup to grappling so this is a pretty big problem for me. I can't afford contacts or laser eye surgery nor would I feel safe wearing contacts in a fight for that matter. Anyone got any tips?
Don't worry about it. You'll get used to it.
Try Bates eye exercises. Or wear contacts and then get those sports goggles and wear them over your eyes. Or, save up and have LASIK financed.
I wear contacts in both eyes when I train and fight. Only time I have ever lost one is getting hit with the thin edge of a focus mitt, slid along my eye and popped the lense out. I have an astigmatism in one eye but was able to get soft contacts that work fine. My opinion, and that of my doctor and the doctors of the amateur orgs I fight in, is that they are safe.

At least where I am from two contacts were far cheaper than buying the glasses I usually get. Appointments and all still was 100$ cheaper than the glasses.

Before I clued in to contacts though I fought blind and had the same problems as you. Lots of practice makes for adaptation. I did the opposite though, waded in and fought closer, where I could see.
The Bates Method is medically irresponsible pseudoscientific claptrap. It'd be harmless only if it weren't for the latest studies showing that not correcting progressing myopia in developing eyes in children only further elongates the eyes.

As for boxing/kickboxing or full contact combat sports without corrective lenses, just get used to it. I have terrible uncorrected eyesight but have always boxed without them. If anything, I have a well developed inside game because judging distance is just tad bit different for the outside game when you're not wearing prescriptive lenses. But then again, that might just be my preferred range.
I guess I can just get used to being blind in a fight. I played football and soccer without glasses so I suppose I could get used to it over time. The difference between ball sports and fighting is the ball is pretty easy to make out, even from pretty far away. Whatever. I'll work the inside game, maybe practice the clinch more.
I have the same problem. But I guess after years of training I just developed some intuitiveness and timing that lets me block and hit the blurry shapes.
Eyesight probably won't be tooo much of a problem, unless you can't pick out movement.

I am actually trying to market a machine that helps with eyesight, though it's hard to improve too much past childhood. It can still help improve eyesight and maintain it, as well as reduce fatique and further damage.
It basically works by stimilating pictures which move from close distance to far away to close, which works cilliary muscles(controls the lens in your eyes). I know I am advertising but it seems like some ppl here seem interested at the topic. check out

you may also try corrective glasses, or not wearing them too much. glasses are bad for your eyes because they stimilate objects being closer. ie. helping your eyes get used to seeing objects up close.
nope, i do deal with an optometrist at times. and did a bit of self research.
Sohei said:
save up and have LASIK financed.

No No No No

Lasik is not a good Decsion at all if your involved in Combat Sports when you have Lasik it weakens your cornea meaning that you can cause some damage to your eye if you get struck in it. Prk is much better when it comes to Eye Surgery Search Lasik with the Sherdog Search function for more information

I have the Same problem I can't see Jack shit and Im to young to get Surgery I thought about getting contacts like you but after having a few Sparring sessions I may not ,you just have to get used to not having any glasses on. Work on Focus pads without glasses for awhile and then try sparring you should feel alot more confident
Liquid Snake said:
nope, i do deal with an optometrist at times. and did a bit of self research.

Well, you should do some more research and read up on the latest studies on correcting myopia. What you're suggesting is not grounded in fact and may well be dangerous to younger people for whom the eyes haven't stabilized yet.
What's the general age at which someone's vision stabilazes? I'm 20 and my vision's been getting steadily worse since before I got my specs in first grade.
i don't see how it could be harmful. I've used it for around 2 years and went from 225 to 170. so that's not too bad. and research down by optoticians in germany and china has shown that it does help with children the most.

but things like these are always hard to get people to try. Are you an optometrist?
get a pair of those goofy looking goggles basketball players use.
why NOT wear contacts?

and yes bad vision will impact your game. he said he can't make out facial features...that means he cant see where the opponanat is even looking, which i think is very important.
I hate the way contacts feel. I got some free samples once, wore them for a day then decided it wasn't for me. Plus in the event of some freakish fluke accident, it'd be one more thing that could go wrong.

I don't think wearing the basketball goggles would be fair sine they're designed to take heavy impact and not break or transfer it to your face.I wore them for a while when I played basketball. I once got elbowed really hard right betweeb the eyes by a teammate catching a rebound. It must have looked painful because everyone was concerned but it only hurt a little where the glasses had pushed down on my nose.
I wear contacts...once you get used to them, they are pretty comfortable. In 2 yrs of MT and boxing sparring and 1 amateur fight, my contacts gave me problems just 3 times...personally, I will take that risk over fighting with less than 100% vision. Of course, I am just a hobbyist...if you are very serious about fighting, that's a different story.