Bad boy stuff?


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Feb 11, 2004
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Where can i get bad boy products? Ive found a website with a very small sortiment and i was surprised because they used to be very big.
BadBoy will be opening in the USA pretty soon. I'd guess next couple of months. In the UK we wiill be handling their stuff. There is a complete new set of designs ready to release which look superb and will bring BadBoy into the forefront again.
I know that this is a very old thread but I was wondering what the update on BadBoy gear was. It seems like they went out of business.
The badboymma site went down not too long ago. I know different people are lobbying for that brand name and I have a secret but I can't say..yet.
I thought this was badboy records you were talking about I was going to say (take that, take that)
they were once associated w/ atama, but not sure whether that remains or not.