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Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by thecas, Sep 16, 2005.

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    Ok, I had this.. juz 2day.

    We r asians here, n I was against my BB instructor[JJJ]

    I m 175 cm, while hes 158 cm or so. Weight wise I m 53 KG while he, about 48kg.

    The point.. I got his back. But the height difference plus that my thigh was above him[as usual 4 back mount] made me almost wanted to fall out from the top. Had to struggle 4 a choke[attempt only].

    Anyways, he stood up, n I was on top of him[still back mount]. But I was really falling out frm the top. In the end I went to a can opener like position[maintained my legs but my head was bent to face him], and we both were stuck there 4 a while.

    He told me the points were counting against me n 2 do sumthin 2 get out of it. But wat?If I let my legs go it will b NS. I felt no stress in my neck tho..we can remain there 4 ages, n my hands r 1 body length or more away frm his legs. I still tot I had slight advantage coz of havin his back.

    Guess u guys may face this 2 when u go against moderately shorter guys. xperiences?

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