Awesome Combo



I just added this combo to my arsenal it is awesome. All my sparring partners are having a hard time dealing with it. Left Jab x2, Left Hook, & Right Mid or High Kick. It feels somewhat unorthadox at first but works great. try faking a Right Cross before the Left hook it really helps to set up the finish.I have found that when your footwork is leading you away from the powerside it is at its most effective.
I don't know if I would actually use this combo due to the first three punches. The reason I say this is you are not going to get much power out of your left hook after throwing a left jab. The hook is made step to the left and then come accross with the hook. This is basic boxing fundimentals and it's very unorthodox like you stated. Another problem with this is, if I was fighting you I would block the first jab, step to my left (Because I would be expecting a right cross; traditional combonation), and that is when you would throw your left hook. I would allready be on your right side to much, and give you a left hook while you are missing with your left hook.

I'm not saying this is not a good combonation, and I give you props for trying new things. But anyone with any boxing background will probley counter that very easy and give you one on the chin. If you don't think what I am saying is correct then feel free to tell me, and we will discuss it.
Fundamentally you are correct, and I thought the same exact thing before I tried it.Just give it a shot with some real quicks on your feet and see what happens.
I am more into having power behind my left hook instead of it feeling like a jab. If it works for you, more power to you. By the way, do you have any boxing training? and can you take a video of you doing the combo so I can critique it?
We are discussing a combo technique and how to make it work and making it more effective. We don't need you telling us that the thread is old. Quit trying to get your post count up with useless replys, or just do not respond at all. Thank you.
Why can't he jab x2 and then step left to regain his stance and setup the hook (while faking a rt cross)? I'd have to try it out on the bag first to be more sure but it sounds ok on paper.
This is a solid combo, but it takes some skill. Roy Jones Jr. used to throw 1 or 2 jabs then the left hook.
Hooking off the jab isn't anything new, you can get tons of power if you set it up right
you can get pwoer off the hook which follows a jab, but it is a lot harder to do so. I think that the combo looks alright, but it wont take a very skilled fighter to be able to block it.
Hooking off the jab is my favorite combination in boxing. It is incredibly hard for the other guy to block if you do it right. Typically the other guy will try to circle away from your right hand (rather than slipping left), and will haplessly take the hook. Then you finish with the right cross/left hook to body.

The key is getting the hook off the jab right, and that requires footwork. You throw the jab and then step into it as you pull the arm back, loading your hips, meeting your arm coming back like halfway, and pulling your rear foot in.

The guy who does this most right now is Wlad Klitschko. Watch his fight v. Castillo to see him doing it beautifully. It's unblockable if you have already established your jab -- that hook crashes through over and over again, because it looks exactly like a double jab.

Make sure you establish your jab first before trying it tho, lest you catch a straight right/jab counter.
this combo works for me because i throw the left hook sometimes just to plant them on their leg for the leg kick..... if i dont get the power in the hook i at least set up the kick.... if i get the power and connection i do a strait right.
Might have to give this a shot later. Thanks for posting the combo, will try it after I get home from me second job tonight.
i used to throw a left jab + left hook all the time in training, but its just contact no power. so when you're fighting its useless really. but in this case, if i understand correctly the point is to focus on the left and then just kick them with the right which sounds like it might work.

i'll try that tomorrow.