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Feb 22, 2005
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As most of you'se remember myself, Diego, and Adam (Sickening Thudd) attended the funeral service of Diego Corrales (the viewing). For the occasion Adam made for us and himself a couple of Memorial Shirts, which you can see me wearing here:


Being that I wear it in the Gym a lot, it's both a nice gesture and a way to advertise Adam's quality as an Artist/designer and love for the Sport. Well, Mr. Mustafa Muhammad has since requested two for himself, and perhaps more for his Family. And today when I asked him when he was going to wear it to the Gym (the deal is on days he does it's "Chico" day and he has to make his guys WORK), and he said he'd be wearing it Friday night on ESPN when his man Aaron, fights.

This is pretty monumental stuff for both the memory of Corrales, and Adam's viability in the Boxing Community.
Adam's work will he allover boxing in about 2 years.
That's awesome stuff.

I'll make sure to watch with a more discerning eye.
Tomorrow at the Gym I'm going to ask if he's going to wear a cornerman's jacket over it or not.
Today, I wore a black ensemble and check shoes. No socks and a hat. I felt cool.
Today, I wore a black ensemble and check shoes. No socks and a hat. I felt cool.

You're always cool.
This is awesome and Im really excited about it. Cant wait for Friday. Hoping I get lucky and Teddy/Joe notice it and say something about it.

If any of you like the shirts, send me a pm and I can give you all the details on acquiring one for yourself.
They got a real good shot of the back of it. You can see the front just after the stoppage when Eddie is walking up the steps to greet Williams. Awesome.
Congratulations man, glad it's working out for you.