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Mar 7, 2002
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if there was a fastest post per second statistic you would be leading...i post one and all of a sudden when i refresh my screen you've posted 14 you work for the government?
If I were, you'd never know. And like that :::poof::: he's gone.
Vod has become THE post whore. I pass the torch.. :D
I might post a lot, but I think that most of my posts are somewhat called for. There aren't any posts that are there for the sake of posting. They all carry a message.
You've got many jewels, but often you just try too hard to force something funny. I say stay spontaneous and don't attempt to find a witty remark to everything.
I think that throwing out 100 decent posts and having a 20 of them be really funny is better than throwing out 20 decents posts and maybe having 5 be funny.
I didn't mean all of your posts, only the ones that you're obviously forcing the joke about. It was meant to be a friendly advice anyway, take it as you wish.
i dont consider it whoring unless the majority of your posts are "lol" or "lmao" or shite like that...not to point any fingers at anybody (SHOOTO)...
I find this mocking about other posters pathetic if the poster isn't obviously annoying, which is not the case with shooto. This is a free fuckin forum,everybody can post anything unless he breaks the rules :rolleyes:
hey ftyd...dont take shite to serious as me and shooto are tight...its no biggie...if your gonna act like a whiny newb there is another forum better suited for you...its the mma or ricksn forum.
Pal you've shit your baby newb pants when I roared the threads of old sherdog so don't you ever..EVER mention my name in a newb context. I was under the impression that you took the shit seriously since you made the lol/lmao reference a dozen times already. Now shut the fuck up and chill :p
Didn't you just do what you accused shooto of doing? :D Or maybe it was punkmother sarcasm? :D :D
Hey're sense of humor just got critiqued by somebody as humorous as Carrot Top. I'm sure you're crushed. =)
carrot top is a jackass...are you implying that ftyd is a nevermind....ranger youve gotten a real edge the last day or two...
Yeah, sorry 'bout that Punk. Combination of a lot of things. I'm getting sick of this fucking cast, I don't get to see my wife all that much, and I've never liked little self-righteous assholes. I used to eat them for breakfast in high school, and I do it now in the Ranger battalion. Since I can't break face, I break wit. And occasionally wind...

Anyway, I don't mean to be an asshole to any of you guys. You're all cool by me, especially Mr. One Liner Punkmother. hehe