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May 27, 2003
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Study up...

I actually know some Kali.

I should have torn that fuck's tricep out with my bare hands like I was taught.
Haha I actually trained with Guru Edgar Sulite at a seminar once when I was just a kid.

We trained Kali at my academy, and Guru Edgar came down and gave a kids' seminar one day. We did a lot of crazy fun shit like hanging crap from the ceiling and standing in a circle hitting it with sticks. He was a real nice guy.

He didn't teach us the tricep tear though. Maybe that was just 2eXtR3m3 for us kids to learn yet.
Kali... if the guy has a stick, its not a fight.... its a beat down.
I wanted to take Kali once upon a time but I didn't like the uniform.
We have it tough in Hawaii. Technicially we are not supposed to have a knife on our person unless its a fold out, which I carry. My dad taught me but would love to learn from someone. Knives are supposed to be illegal and deadly weapon so ...... maybe not.
its not worth it...juries find it hard to beleive self defense when you were t he one carrying the knife in the first place
infamous mattyd said:
its not worth it...juries find it hard to beleive self defense when you were t he one carrying the knife in the first place

Exactly. Same with fighting sticks.

"Um, jjmuaythaiguy, could you tell the men and women of this jury, why you were carrying a knife and fighting sticks on your person?"

JJMUAYTHAIGUY: "Umm, for self defense? I was on my way to practice and was threatened by these five large males who said they were going to take my money and kill me. I felt threatened and took their actions seriously life threatening when they began to encircle me. Therefore I took out my training sticks for self defense and soon after that the attacking males started tried to kill me."

JUDGE: "JJMUAYTHAIGUY, the Court finds you guilty. Based on the fact that you train and were carrying deadly weapons. The Court does not excuse the "victims" for attacking you but you must exercise more control when using deadly weapons."

Yeah, I could see that happening in Hawaii. Especially Hawaii in fact.
Mirada will soon be takig classes from Phil Enmore. Better start practicing your raised eyebrow, mate...
Is it legal in most states to carry a sword in a sheath? It's not a concealed weapon, and would likely dissuade many attackers. To train, watch Errol Flynn movies regularly.
i remember friends of mine from high school who came from the Philippines. their arms were scarred up because of the balisong (butterfly knife for you idiots). In the PI, the real balisong people keep the blade rusty never cleaning the blood off. their blades are double sided and when they stab someone they swirl it around inside their body and on many occasions some of their insides fall out.