Atamas gold weave as opposed to double weave?


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Jan 30, 2005
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On their website they claim that the gold weave is just as durable as the double weave. Does anyone have a gold weave? is it worth buying? Im planning on buying a new gi. Thanks.
I like double weave gis a lot, I don't mind the weight or heat of the gis. Gold weave is geat, it's lighter then the double but a lot stronger then the single weave. I would get a gold over a single but I still like the doubles the most(for winter use).
I don't care much for the doubles because it is almost always warm out here. I have a gold weave and love it, great quality.
Have both the double weave and the gold weave in the new Mundial model. It's now used from the top of the jacket to the bottom with no seam on the back. The weight of the jacket seems to be different (gold is lighter) but the collar is the same thickness. Also seem to have a little bit more room than the double weave. I would definately recommend the gold weave seemless Mundial.