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At the point he gets out of triangle


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We all know sometimes triangles are not that secure, esp when the opponent has a round, smaller head + short neck.

So what is the best thing to do when he slips his head out and is trying to go into side mount but you r still grabbing his arm which was and is betwwen your triangle?
Skip the fancy shit and get ready to shrimp like a motherfucker.
if i get out of a triangle, like i did this weekend at the portland tournament a few times. i am not going to give the space needed to get me in a bicep slicer as i go around the leg. i use pressure and leave no space between my hips and my opponent. the cat above me suggesting to shrimp out is good, or learn to use your legs to recreate the space to reestablish the guard like my instructor does.
dapunisher said:
switch to armbar or omoplata

The problem is that he on his legs will move much faster to get to sidemount than you on ya back can turn to get your legs back in.

But I do not quite get shrimping..I know what it is but how does it apply here?

As to the bicep slicer thing, most of the time when he is attacking the triangle he will be almost on his feet, so his shoulder is too far for u to grab. Or if not, due to him trying to get into sidemount, his biceps will be most likely just below your knee/ on the thigh for u to get the shins in.
To be honest, don't be stubborn. If they seem they are going to slip out, maintain head control but sweep on of their legs. Pull one or both their legs towards you as they pull their head out, this should make them flat on their back & even if you don't get up quick enough, you still scored a sweep & are not in side control.
why aren't you trapping the proper leg so they can't get out?

also, if he is getting out, start shrimping :-D
push his arm that is inside to the other side and omoplatta.