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ASN Humagro?

Discussion in 'Dieting / Supplement Discussion' started by STILL LIFE, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. STILL LIFE Yellow Belt

    Jul 4, 2005
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    Manteca, CA
    Iv'e heard a lot about this stuff and am thinking about trying it. But don't want to if it can mess my body up somehow. has anyone tried it , here's a link to it http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/asn/hum.html also has anyone tried cytogainer, results? thanks.
  2. Madmick Zugzwang Staff Member Senior Moderator

    Jun 13, 2005
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    Still Life, save yourself the time and know that ALL hormone mimickers on the market are bullshit.

    Cytogainer is a great Weight Gainer, but nothing to justify its price differential from N-Large (6lbs. Cytogainer= $27, 10lbs. N-Large= $35...both at DPS).

    Considering Cytosports reputation, though, I imagine the Cytogainer is much better tasting, and it comes in seven flavors. I've had all the N-Large, and the vanilla and strawberry are nasty. The chocolate is solid, but the Cinnamon Oatmeal is the best (it only comes in the 3.8 lb. canister).

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