Asian Based Brands


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Mar 14, 2007
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In reference to Grappling Gear (shorts, rashguards, etc.) the majority of brands are Brazilian based, for obvious reasons. Out of curiosity, aside from Inspirit, anyone know of other Asian based brands?
***waiting for somebody to say hayabusa or tanoshi***

so i can tell them that they aren't asian brands
Isami/RVDDW, Lutador, Inspirit.

+ All the thai brands fall under asian.

It's funny. I was thinking about this very topic when I woke up this morning. Anyone have any reviews of the various gear?
could you be any more vague...?


I suppose I could.

Do you think you could tell me some stuff about the stuff?

Edit: In all seriousness though I was thinking about getting some fight shorts from Isami and was wondering about how the sizes ran.