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As standing, the rules are:

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May 7, 2002
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1. There is no outside advertising from anyone allowed on the forum except for sprawl (SPRAWL is our sponsor, and thus has special privledges)

2. No outside advertising at all for any of the things we sell at sherdog.com store. (i.e. posts regarding go get this item from (insert site name) -- if sherdog has it)

3. People can still talk about products, but only if it is a poster, and not the store. i.e. "These nogi shorts are badass, I recommend them to everyone" is fine coming from a poster, but not for example if Chris Brennan or Nogi Industries (the sellers) post it.

4. Reviews are OKAY. Post's from Company representatives / owners which state "my products are better than (insert sponsor name) because they are cheaper / last longer / are better" are NOT allowed. If coming from a reviewer that's fine. But companies bad mouthing other companies, sarcastic or not, will not be permitted.

5. Basically it's a crackdown on free advertising. Sponsorship on the forums is available, and has been offered to some parties, who have no stepped up. For years the G&E had no policy, and companies got a huge place to advertise their gear for free, now we have a policy and people are breaking it or flaming the fires. There is no problem with discussion, but the policy was laid down, and everyone should just accept it. This is my forum and I makes the rules.

6. Complaining and Bitching in order to get free gear, behaving in a manner unbefitting of G&E - WILL get you the boot.

I hope we can all co-exist still. I don't want to be the badguy.

Contact Fozzy, Superbeast or Drunken Meat Fist with any questions.
Any discussion in regards to the rules may be posted about over in Board & Site Suggestions folder.
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