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Jun 3, 2002
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I don't know if that is you Art or your wife but congrats on the fight. Tell me some details about it. Who did you fight, how did you win?
I faught dave roberts!! He faught UFC. I came out throwing punches. I had a dream of a flying knee so I used it in the ring. I picked him up and threw him to the ground.took him down again with a side trip took back and punched left right left right. Pummled him from behind and he tapped out.
Hey Dave came out with a sherdog sweatshirt on. Where is my sponser sherdog?
That's cool Art. Was it for a belt? Who's next?

I hear that you came out bopping away in a yellow zoot suit.
Got any pics?
Congrats Art.

But from your report there was no banana used.

Are you disowning your JIM PAN DO??
We do not know how to put pics on. But, yeah I came out dancing and looking good. It was not for the belt. They could not find anyone to fight me at 185lb. So I faught dave he was a 200lb. I was lighter but, still won.
What happened to Thomas Kenney? I think Conrad must of scared him off when they had their little run in.
Thomas knew a friend of mine and I guess he decied to pull out. The wolfman would not fight me eaither.
hey hey hey. Thomas was already not fighting when I talked to him. Or he talked to me. Don't Blame it on me. Art better look out tomas might take your spot on Anti.

Art was sherdog there? If so did jeff or whoever get some good pics.

I will start a thread demanding Sponsership of Art Santore.

So with the Prize money are you getting a computer? hehehe

Also will you still be training 2 days a week with Dan or will that die done? I hope you can still train hard even though there is no fight coming up so that your step up in commition is easier for you.

here anything on when your next fight is? Are you still trying for the Nov PPV?

Sorry for all the questions but I never get to talk to you anymore and I am very pumped about your victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great job buddy!!!!!!

Train Hard
Heh Jimp...if my trainer finds me a place on UCC Proving Grounds I'll take some bananas in the ring :D
Congrats, Art! I'm throwing a party at my house in your honor today! Vasconcelos should gain some weight so that he can face you. That would be a battle. Whoever wins that match should go straight to PRIDE or the UFC.

This is the only photo that I could find. It's from ADCC news.

Nice threads.
Originally posted by PabloPittbull
This is the only photo that I could find. It's from ADCC news.

Nice threads.

HOLY SMOKE! Art is the Michael Jackson of MMA!

He will singlehandedly make mariachi fashion the new sensation in Paris,London and New York.
HOly. that is aswome Art. Way cooler then your last one. that is one hell of a dramtic picture with the smoke and lights. That is one kick ass photo

Not a big enough feather in your hat though:p
Man I think I remember Art mentionning he had been in Menudo.