Art Santore Get Out Of Here!

hahahah. ok only cause i've got to get some work done before i get caught playing but you get off my board also.
Well, what are you waiting for?

Beat it Pancho.
only kidding. i'm back.
ssssh don't tell anyone.

bite me hound it EL PACUCHO
Art can post here. This is actually the only place that me and art can talk now. This is equal ground for discussing a some day truse between us.
How is customer service treating you, Conrad?
Hey Pachinko that is Mark Andrews on that pick you posted.

He would fuck you up if he ever was taught what a keylock was.

I will try to convince him to consider it by showing him your contemptible comments on his sport. :cool:
I think the board has been going smoothly ever since a started posting on a regular basis.