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Apr 16, 2002
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I want you to stop reading crappy fucking Terry Brooks books ok?

That shit is weak and soft and below what someone who aoppreciates Dune should read.

Comprende Pancho?

i got them for free at a gob site i was working at. someone had put a whole box of books into the trash and i saw the covers and figuered what the hay. it also had ann rice books.
Even for free you overpaid for Brooks books. :D

I like Anne Rice stuff. I was surprised that I actually would too.

Have you seen the Queen of the Damned movie?

And Art your pick did not work genius...
i can see it my friend. maybe its your pile of crap computer. no i haven't seen it yet but read the book. i'm waiting for it to be on dish.
I heard it was not so good but I still hope they make movies based on the other books in the series.

Art when are you fighting?
i was going to fight this september in vegas but the casino called it off. so hopefully this month in hawaii. but if that doesn't happen deffently in october but i hope sooner.
Bummer. Vegas sounds like a fun place to be win or lose.

Who would you face in Hawaii. Is it a UCC event? I am gonna go to UCC 11 in October here in Montreal. You fight for Kotc right?
oct. will be my first kotc the others were gladiator. not to sure i just hope it happens. that should be an awsome show with bang vs pulver right or is that one also in hawaii?
Yes Bang vs Pulver will be in Montreal.

There is a decent HW form France called Christophe Midoux who now lives and fights here. He was doing good till he got hurt. He will be making his comeback at UCC 11. Hope the ring girls are nice. I still have dreams of a redhead that was there last year.

Speaking of kotc, wtf happenned to Bobish? That guy is going one step forward 2 steps back.
Hey Art, myself and a couple of friends were going to purchase some videos. This guy has a couple of Gladiator Challenge tapes. I want to get one to see the man in action, which would you recommend.
he got hammered. don fry was with him while warming up they were talking i went over to tape his gloves and tells him to look at ambriz and bob says he an't takin food off of my little girls table. don's all that right bro nobody takes food from your family look at his ass. then he goes out there and gets hit goes down and ambriz is in the mount hits three times and bob taps. big ass hits.
I guess those Super HW punches are from a different world. I feel bad for Bobish. He was kinda making a name for himself.

You think they will have a rematch or maybe Ambriz vs Eric Pele?
ambriz said that he'd like to fight bob sapp. the guy benches 750lbs. his wrist is as big as my arm. jimmy cool as well he aplogized to dan in the ring after they stood them up. real nice guy . hey jhon allsio will be fighting on that card as well. he trains with us at mill jj. another awsome fighter. i'll see ya hound i've got to go train. later
pablo get #8 me vs eric. my best fight so far.