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Apr 16, 2002
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...for you. Black Anus Karaoke Bar have told me that it is ok for you to wear your Aztec costume during karaoke night to honor your white Peruvian ancestry.

LMAO the Queen looks younger somehow...
God save our gracious Queen...
you and your save the queen. i'm all about the king. thats whats wrong with this place. when will the king take back the crown?
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you and your save the queen. i'm all about the king. thats whats wrong with this place. when will the king take back the crown?

When they let you out of Betty Ford clinic for pill addicts.
Pimpin Aint Easy : Another Guide from art

A great man once said Pimpin Aint Easy. I am here to prove that man is wrong. art, the leader on this board, brings you yet another guide to improve your life. Every person has had the urge to go pimping with his buddies, as least all of MY friends have, but their damn common sense told them better. Now you can go pimpin with confidence. As always read, study, and you too will know that Pimpin Aint Easy!

How to Dress like a Pimp : To become a pimp, you first must look like a pimp! This is not as easy as you think. Pimpin has a strict dress code. From head to toe, everything must be perfect.
Head : A hat with a feather is a must! Crazy ass sun glasses are optional, but help a great deal. An earring will also help you look like a pimp.
Body : You must stick out in a crowd. Any shirt/pant combination with tiger fur and or bright colors is required. A "wife beater" with a vest combination makes you look like a pimp going off to conquer the world!
Jewlery : To look the part of a real pimp, you better be packing plenty of jewlery. Your whole chest should be filled with gold! I suggest watching old episodes of the A team, and taking notes when Mr.T appears. All of this will get you looking the part of the perfect pimp!

The Mystery of the Pimpin Cane : Why exactly do the pimps you see on the street have that cane? Is it for walking you ask? Is it for looks? Is it used as a weapon? Well, the truth is it is a combination of many factors. A good comparison would be while an evil witch would need her broom, a pimp needs his cane! It's that simple....or is it? Although you have not seen them advertised, their are actually Pimpin Schools! When you finish school, you get your cane! And you know why you never see the police arrest any pimps with canes? Because you can legally pimp when you have one! The secret of the cane has been revealed, and every pimp in America is gonna come and kick my ass!
A Couple Phrases You Should Know : There a few phrases you should get used to saying when you become a pimp, and here they are :
" Everybody Come Aboard the HO Train! "
" Pimpin Aint Easy " (Unless ya come to Crazy Crap)
" Get Over here Woman! "
" I got the best ho's in ADD CITY NAME HERE"
" The Train has just come into the station, the HO TRAIN that is!!! "

There are obviously many variations on these phrases, and I just wanted to give you future pimps a couple to start out! Get creative, and maybe you can become the best pimp in your city!

Disclaimer : art santore does not participate in any illegal acts of pimping or any other illegal activity. He is merely a teacher and is not responsible for the actions of the viewers of the wonderful, educational page!

opps time for my meds hound
good colouring in, didn't even go outside the lines!
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Yeah, this guy...


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