Armbar Escape (GIF)

J Storm**

Mar 17, 2006
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he should have let go. Im sure he saw the mat getting closer to his face.
That was one of my teammates when I was at Gutsman dojo, Ishiwatari (performing the slam.) He was probably the youngest at the dojo, but a tough kid, some judo background before shooto I think. Possible up and comer in shooto.
LOL other guy did not have armbar at all.
What armbar is he defending? it looks like he just has his legs scissored around the guys head, cuz neither arm is caught. Kinda reminds me of grappling someone who doesn't know how to grapple, but wraps their legs around your head and squeezes anyway. Nice GIF though.
ROFL no armbar there. i have no idea what that guy was looking to accomplish.. that was a headsqueeze at best.
The position would make more sense if you watched the fight. There was a rolling kimura attempt, tried to transition to armbar, failed, etc. Ishiwatari just stood up as the gif starts. Slam came unexpectedly. Should of let go well before--I don't think he knew what position he was in though. Obviously.
was he just KO'd or did he fuck his neck up too?
That was not necessary. There much easier and more effective ways to escape the armlock.
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That was brutal....what made that guy think he shouldn't let go.....? Guess, he was having fun....Wheee, I'm going for a ride!