Arm drag Opinions



grab the tricep or behind the armpit by the shoulder??? both work, which is best iyo

also, arm drag, is it useful for mma?
I have tried armdrag so many times. It works great in drilling, but does hardly work during sparring...

Any suggestions?
you can do it off a front headlock, so yeah i think it would work in mma. i've never seen anyone try it tho.
Arm drags are awesome set ups to double leg shoots and taking someone's back standing.
I love armdrags, they work well for me, also from my guard, I like to take my opponents back via arm drag..
It's hard to do it standing for MMA.
But on the ground, or in a street fight (someone is trying to grab you), it can be bery useful.

Personally I grab the tricep because it's easier to reach, but maybe you would get more control by grabbing near the armpit.
I get an armdrag armbar from guard all the time. Good stuff.
It's not easy to hit from the feet on a decent wrestler/JJ guy. Try to invent new set ups. They work well if you hit them quick while backing out of a clinch/pummel. As for where to grab, any part of the upper arm will work if you grip it hard enough.
i always get the arm drag.. almost every time i go for it.. My problem is getting all the way around to the back.. I often get half way there... Then it becomes a whirlwind between me and my opponent.. Both of us spinning ... thats where i lose it and normaly just go to my closed guard.

Another option standting is to arm drag like your going to the back, then grab your opponents leg at the knee.. on the same side as the arm you grabbed.. Has worked well for me as a takedown. Use the hand that is not grabbing the arm.. Dont let go of the arm to grab the leg.. This should be obvious but i want to make sure its clear.
Arm Drags work every time I hit them. I think it depemnds on how much you have drilled it. With a wrestling background it is easier for me I guess.
I grab high as I can, well not really grab but I cup my hand and throw my hips to the opposite side. Works all the time but just don't do it straight on because they can just re-arm drag you.
OpethDrums said:
arm drags favor people with round bodies

Well you're just all kinds of retarded lately aint ya?
for me i trap the tricept with one arm grab the wrist with the other, drop to on knee and throw the guy/ drag him to the mat.

Lots of arm drags here, mostly from the guard. I haven't seen his no-gi series, but I'm sure its more germane to MMA.

That's a good point, I rarely see arm-drags in the MMA medium. Perhaps its due to ranges: if you're in close enough for an arm drag, there is likelihood the other guy is trying to punch/elbow/knee your face; is going for a greco clinch; or is shooting in.

scorcho said:
I get an armdrag armbar from guard all the time. Good stuff.

Really? Please elaborate.