Arm crush escape

Both phonies. Only, the class knows Renato is a phony, on purpose, for comedy.
Lol, yes. But I don't think this escape is phony? Or is it?
Yes. This escape works on Ari Bolden.
Isn't he really a brown belt? Hardly a phoney.
Isn't he really a brown belt? Hardly a phoney.

He might be a brown shirt under Eddie Bravo, but he's a character. I can't even remember his real name, some actor who can't find work in hollywood, then started the Renato character as a good with Bravo that's now turned into this running joke.
isnt the arm crush kind of a dick move ? do ppl use that in the gi ?

it's back at brown and black level in ibjjf.

this move is legit and not just vs the bicep slicer but it's useful anytime your partner is fucking around with that bottom leg - trying to pry your grip, set up the triangle, whatever. of course, you're in a shitty position and it's not magic, but it's certainly a legitimate option to save your ass.