Aries Fight Gear Review: 16 oz. Super Safe Training Gloves


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Oct 15, 2003
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Hey guys/girls Clamp here with a new glove review. Its been a while since I've updated my gearbag with anything. Last week I noticed that my KO boxing gloves were worn out. The knuckle padding was pretty beat and it was just getting soft, but I had those gloves for like 2 years and used them 3-4 times a week, so what do you expect? So I searched a little while for a new pair of gloves. Little quirk about myself is that I don't really like to buy name brand unless I see something that looks badass or if I have to. I like to support the little guys trying to come up in the fight world. Anyways I found Aries and took a plunge on their gloves. Heres the Review:

The Aries Super Safety training gloves are about $70.00 a little steep for my taste. The gloves are foam injected and don't have multiple layers of padding which sounded pretty cool. The gloves look nice and have a long padded cuff for extra protection. The glove is All leather construction. Punching was like punching with a compact pillow on your hands, the gloves are pretty solid. I've been using them for a week+ HARD now and the padding is still solid. I've been sparring with them also and my training partners don't really like to get hit by them to much, they say theres not alot of give despite the name.

What I didn't really like about the product was the price. Its a bit steep, but I decided they look like they were worth it. They're punchers gloves, but it just knocked out a chunk from my wallet. The inner lining is made up of weird, dry material. It says its so the glove doesn't absorb any mositure, and I guess it works because I just weighed them today and they're still exactly 16 oz., but I perfer some cool max lining in my equipment. The color scheme in my opinon is a bit off. I ordered the Blue/Black gloves and what I got was a black/ deep royal purple+blue. My Training Parteners call me Purple Thunda now. :redface: Not much else wrong with them as far as I can tell.

So in closing the gloves are solid hitters, Long, lean, and stylish is what best describes these bad boys, but they don't come cheap. I rate them a 71/2 out of 10. I like them but would have rather bought another pair of KOs. Hope this helps and post any questions you might have! :D

Ko fightgear :
Thanks for the review, I'll keep itin mind next time I'm buying gloves.
I just received my Aries Super Safety Gloves... I cannot even begin to explain how incredibly soft they are. When I spar with them my friend says that he almost likes getting hit with them... They are good gloves... Though they really are "Super Safety"! Just a heads up to anyone thinking about getting them. Remember I'm not saying they aren't a good glove I'd jsut rather have my glove not give so much.

How do these compare to other supersofts, CSI etc...? I have the CSI and didn't like them much (but they were like $25.00) so I got KOFG gloves and LOVE them. I'm always in the market for a second set of gloves but the price is a bit steep for me as well.
These gloves look like crap and for 70 bucks you could have gotten a much better product.
Jesus Christ! I did this review years ago! The reason I bought them is becuase they were soft. VERY SOFT. I still like them but they fit different from any other glove. They are a good product if you like soft gloves for what every reason, other than that you should look elsewhere.

Good contribution Bamf, and how many Aries products do you have?
aries has all good shit, except mma gloves. i got their regular 14oz pro series training gloves, and its my favorite pair i've ever owned. they have a very long cuff that fits snuggly over the whole wrist and the foam is the perfect density, hasn't even begun to wear out.
the mma gloves however are thin and not that comfortable even with the neoprene finger loops.