Are you teaching, or will you teach Jiujitsu to you children?


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Dec 16, 2006
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I was talking about this with a couple of guys from the gym, and one of them told us he plays with his two year old son by doing cartwheels, rolls, and mock grappling. If I can keep up with my training, when I eventually have some kids of my own, it's going to be awesome to get to teach them basic stuff like armbars and RNCs.
it would be awesome to get my future kids involved in BJJ. youll get a call from the principle sayin your preschooler just choked out his fellow classmate. then you come to pick him up form school give him a high five and ask for the details.
I teach second grade and I think every kid should learn jiu jitsu. In our jiu jitsu academy we have students ranging in age from six to sixty. I train with all of them. If taught properly, jiu jitsu could reduce bullying, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and build self discipline.
Both my kids train BJJ, and have competed. My two granddaughters have trained and competed. My 5 year old grand son was wearing his sister's Gi today, he will be training soon.......he loves Nick Diaz.
Absolutey I will teach my children and I will beat them with a bamboo cane if they don't learn the techniques quickly enough!

Right now I'd like to teach my nephew, he is only 7 right now and already got really into karate (had no idea they had contact karate for little kids) but I want to make a grappler out of him! He kind of sucks at team sports and really hates basketball, but karate he just excels at strangely enough.
My 5 yr old is a jiujitsu freak! I would like him to compete within the next few years. We are always gettig scolded by mom for rolling at any given minute. I think it is the best martial art to get young people into!
i will expose them to it (if i ever have kids that is) but i don't think that i will ever "force" them
i defently will expose my son or daughter to wrestling at a young age then later on in life i'll expose them to sub grappling. i think its important to be physicaly active and wrestling is a damanding sport, on top of that learning basic submissions could help them defend themselvs if needed
My son is 5 and he loves grappling. He is taking a kid's jiu jitsu classes, which is a mix of striking, self defense and grappling. He is mostly focused the whole class, until grappling when 100% of his focus is on the grappling.
When I have a kid, I will teach him the joo-jitsoo. It'd be a waste to have that knowledge and not spread it, you know?
My 7 year old son has been training in the Jits (lol hate that word) for roughly 2 years now. He's very laid back to BJJ but so am I. He's competed a few with mixed results but he gets a blast out of rooting his team mates on ;). We roll around the house a little bit. I mean like once a week? maybe less, I basically treat BJJ as a sport and want him 'around' but I never want to force him.

To this day I can gladly say he loves going to practice 2 to 3 times a week. I've tried the 4 days a week or constant 3 times a week and he got burnt out quick and started to drag his feet to go. Since then we cut it back to 2 to 3 and he's happy to 'Hi Five' his mini buds in class before they roll. All smiles. :)
Should I have kids, absolutely I'll teach them. I hope my kids will be active, healthy, and morally responsible. I think Jiu Jitsu could do all this for them, as well as being a great way to bond with your kids.

Should they not want to do Jiu Jitsu, that's just fine, so lond as they do something. That's the rule i was brought up with: if you're not doing something, you're working. By something I mean, music, athletics(of any kind really), or school.
If I had kids, yeah, I'd like to get them into grappling: will see if my niece is at all interested in jiu jitsu when she gets older (kinda early to tell right now, as she's not even 6 months old yet :wink: ).

On the subject of kids in grappling, there's a handy bit on the Bullshido FAQ on finding a school related to that:

FAQ said:
It must be understood that there is a significant psychological difference between striking and grappling for a young child. Striking implies far more violence and anger; and the immediate emotional response to being struck will vary greatly from child to child. Striking is something that a child learns to do out of anger long before they learn to walk or talk. Striking is a primal, animal reaction to a negative stimulus, and as such will require far more emotional maturity before it can be instructed properly. Getting hit pretty much always hurts, whereas grappling tends only to hurt when a mistake is made. Pain avoidance is the average American child
My son (13 years old) has been training since July 2006 and has competed on several occasions. My daughter (15 years old) just started training a couple of weeks ago.
I teach kids BJJ, Im a blue belt and I have about 10 kids on training. from 6 - 11 years old, I teach them breakfalls, rolls and some throws. I will start in a couple weeks withs some groundwork. The absolutely love it.
To complete my volunteer hours for highschool, I did (and still do) assist my instructor in teaching the kids classes at the academy.

Best decision ever.
I help our 80 year old judo sensei with the kids Judo class. It's fun, and sometimes I sneak a lil jits in there.