Are Underhooks From The Back Still Called Underhooks?


Winter Wick
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Apr 22, 2007
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Also, from the front, how low can the arms be and still have the term "underhook" apply? Can arms reaching around the waist area of a fighter, in an attempt to secure a body or waist lock, still be called underhooks?

An informative response would be appreciated... one accompanied by a source, even more so.

Yes, under hooks from the back are still called under hooks.

If you have your arms around a guy's waist it's more of a waist lock than an under hook.

Off the top of my head I would say that if your arm is lower than his elbow it's not an under hook anymore.
arms around waist = body lock

elbow under tricep = underhook front and back

elbow over tricep = overhook front and back
According to the UN Guide of Grappling Nomenclature (version 5.33, New York, 2007), top underhooks are designated so only if the top man's arm makes contact fully above the bottom ligature of the opponent's latissimus dorsi. Should the arm come in contact below that point, it is then, officially, a waist lock.