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Are these gloves too small?



Just got them today. They were on sale for $15 bucks at combatsports.com and I thought why not give them a shot? This is my first pair of mma gloves I've ever gotten so I really don't know what's good or not. My instructor wears a large and our hands are the same size so I thought I'd get a large sized glove but now I don't know if they're right or if I need to exchange them.
I was going to ask my instructor tonight, but I forgot in all the excitement of going to class.



Look fine to me. But do they feel tight? They do look too tight however to wrap your hands first.
They look fine, they look actually like a perfect fit (assuming they don't feel too tight). They may start to feel just right or even loose after they break in..so leave that up to you if you want to move to a size smaller. But then again if they are a bit loose..they'll be perfect when/if you wrap your hands under the gloves.
Im thinking about getting those too, do they seem to fit small or something im trying to decide if i should go large or xl?
ima take it you arnt going to wrap, it seems a bit snug. good fit without wrap tho
If they're not cutting off your circulation and they're staying in place...you should be good...
I have the opposite problem with the regular Hybrid gloves. I have the training gloves in Large and the middle knuckle of my fingers is not covered at all. I ordered a pair of Hybrids in XL. The length seems good but I have about a 1/2" of extra glove along the outside ridge of my hand. Wrapping doesn't really help much.
i think hybrids might have weird sizing. i just bought large and most of the glove is fine, but i also have extra glove on the outside. i think a smaller size would be too smal.