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Arby's has 5 for $5 Sherbro's

It was delicious girlfriend. For how fat you are, i am surprised you are such a food snob. I don't know what the fuck you are eating, but its not working, lol.

Do you realize you argue like a chick?
Looks are deceiving. But you do you. Are you Vegan by any chance?
By the way, your AV looks like dog shit.
No my AV looks like Monica Bellucci compared to that fucked up roadkill you showed.

but again "you do you".
Last time at the mall, I took a peek at how much a Dole Whip soft serve ice cream cone would cost and was shocked by the $7.99 price. They also had milk shake for $9.99!

There's at least two stores there where you can buy freezer section ice cream for less.
5 for 5 is the shit.
Undergrad & gradschool staple for me.
I was in Istanbul airport last week & was tempted to eat at Arby’s.

I hadn’t in years.
Kinda regret… lol.


Wonder if they had beef & cheddar schwarma.
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I havent seen this deal in probably a decade. It ends 6/16 so don't miss it. You have to use the app rewards. I used me, the wife, and my sons phone to get 15 for $15, lol. They freeze pretty well if you wrap them in saran wrap then wrap them back in the aluminum foil wrapper they come in.
Liquid beef, blah blah blah, they are delicious.

It's the top gun maverick of returning fast food deals.
Arby’s is great like one or twice a year

Their frozen curly fries at the store are good too, come out nice from the oven to pair with homemade burger
I worked at Arby's for a bit. I don't know if it has changed since I was there, but it was actual roast beef that we cooked in an oven for hours, then sliced to order.

Hated that deal when I worked there
I love Arby's but there's only one left that I know of and it's not close to me unfortunately