Anyone use Endurox?


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Dec 19, 2001
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I've been reading a lot about things to drink while working out, grappling etc and was pretty set on purchasing some accelerade to give it a go.

While browsing some other forums, someone recommended Endurox because
However, I have found that endurox is another product that actually tastes better, has more carbs, and is comprably priced. Endurox has the same 4:1 carb:protein ratio with one gram of fat which most 'recovery' drinks contain (optimal for replenishing glucose reserves intramuscularly), but also contains more sodium, potassium, and magnesium than accelerade does. Also contained are some vitamins A, E, and L-glutamine, which may or may not be as efficiently absorbed post recovery, but certainly again, represent substances that are contained in endurox but not in accelerade. The L-glutamine would theoretically prevent some of the muscle microdamage that typically is a part of the post workout muscle breakdown process.

Has anyone used this product? I wouldn't be using it for workouts as they last right at an hour, but for when I grapple, ride, etc.
endurox is a good recovery drink...

you'll like it, and it even tastes good depending on what flavor you get...

but cytomax is 10 times better...
Endurox R4 is very good, I use it as an energy drink during hard workouts, not as much for recovery. I get enough protein from other sources, but it's not bad to add some during a workout. Cytomax is also an excellent product, and cheaper. I used it for years as a cyclist. I like the electrolyte blend in the Endurox drink a little more. Either one should work for you.
Excellent, thanks.

I think I'm leaning towards cytomax now due to price per serving.

Thanks again!