Anyone Pick Cain the First Time and is Picking JDS This Time?


Not sure if serious.
Jan 24, 2008
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It's weird, everyone that I talked to last year (Of course it could have been just a coincidence) was saying the same thing:

That Cain was too athletic, too well rounded, and that his cardio would overwhelm Junior. This of course was after people saw him run through Brock Lesnar so he did look pretty unstoppable.

Did anyone change their mind as far as the outcome of the rematch (tonight) after seeing how the first fight went down? Or are you sticking with your pick?
I thought it was 50/50 last time and it all depends on how good jds' takedown defense is

and I think it's 50/50 this time and it all depends on how good jds's takedown defense is

Because as far I'm concerned, JDS did not prove he can handle Cain's wrestling. Of course he didn't prove he couldn't either.

And don't even bother showing me the footgrab...
I picked JDS before, so I got him again this fight by KO again.
I picked JDS to knock Cain out early the first time. Picking the same thing again.
I thought Cain would win the first time.
I'm picking JDS tonight.

JDS just needs to land one flush punch. But if anyone is going to beat him I think it's Cain.

I'm sure that many people are.

But this is a 50/50 fight.
Weird is picking JDS the 1st time and Cain the 2nd time.
I'm sticking with Cain but I'm really concerned about his ability to take a huge power punch especially coming from JDS. I think he has more tools to win this fight it's going to be tough but I'm hoping for the best.
Yes. I thought Cain would win but I have to go with Jds because he's champ and I rarely pick challengers.