Anyone know when Clinchgear will be back in stock?

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Are they just out of stock or are they comming out with a new model or what? Wouldnt mind gettin a pair of their shorts, anyone got any info on whats goin on with em?
If I can remember correctly they are waiting for a new short to be ready but I am not 100% sure on that.
I'm so glad I got their shorts on sale for 30 bones. They are awesome and feel real good. Hopefully they get more in stock so everyone can try it out, a VERY good sprawl alternative.
indeed some good top quality shorts there, for anyone whos read my review they know my oppinions on them.

a representative from Clinch Gear used to post here, dunno what happened to him..

Yes, they are developing a short that should be out soon. I tried to buy their old one and they told me that they were out of stock and that I should wait for the new shorts.
i contacted them and she said they were getting a new manufacturer or something.. i have a pair!!

awsome.. i like them.. not too long ,, not too short!! the waist runs pretty true!!

great material!! i love them...

the velcro in the front is a little still( when bending over)

i say 8.5/10
Hello Everyone,

Yes, we have been out of inventory for a while now. We had problems with our previous manufacturer and decided to look for a new manufacturer. We are very excited about our current progress.

We have improved the stitching on the Primo Grappling shorts and are ready to begin production on our shorts, finally. We have also developed a new design that is also ready to go to production.

We are working hard to get these out as soon as possible. Again, we apologize for the delay. We want to make sure the products we release are the best quality around.

Thank you,
Victor Corey
Clinch Gear