Anyone know what Daivid haye's huge announcement is?


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Apr 8, 2003
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David Haye was on the BBC on Sunday at the ABA boxing championships and told Steve Bunce that he has an absolutely huge announcement to make over the next 10 days, its something he has been planning for a while.

Anyone have any idea what this is or could be?
All I can think of is that he'll name his first opponent at HW.
a hw title shot of some sort im thinking... which variation i can guess though i d hazard a guess at it not being klitshko
when he was confronting wlad, he probably realized wlad would crush him, so he decided to go to the UFC.
Do you guys think hes actually going to MMA?

It just seems odd if he does. Considering the fact that he says he wants to win a heavyweight title.
I can't wait to hear David Haye's huge announcement because it matters.
If its a HUGE announcement, I'd guess he is probably getting a shot at an alphabet title.

Maybe he gets the winner of Peter/Vitali or Chagaev/Valuev 2.

I hope its not MMA.
he said he'd try mma when he retires, not now duh
I hope Valuev beats Ruslan, but David Haye would just rape him.
Maybe...just maybe he is going to announce that he is moving up to Heavyweight?!?
it is probably that is signing with golden boy. I cant see it being him just moving up to HW because he has already talked about that for months now.

Maybe he is making the jump to MMA and is going to fight butterbean on the next YAMMA card

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