Anyone interested in NOGI, RAGS, etc Brazil stuff?


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Mar 13, 2003
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One of my instructors goes to brazil all the time and brings back bags and bags of NOGI brazil, Rags, all that kind of stuff. Is ther a market for that stuff?
Next time i see him ill see what he has , take some pics and get the sizes for yah.
The Nogi brasil shorts with the gi material in the crotch are sweet!.

Yeah they are sweet but they only seem to come up to a size 36 or 38 I think.
absolutely, there some of my favorite brands, i love all the brazillian stuff
yeah, those and the alessio sakara ones are pretty pimp too
if u want the "vitor" style shorts w/the gi material in the crotch then check out
i want the old rags shorts.. the new ones have a new insignia on them that is huge..
Gsoares2 said:
i want the old rags shorts.. the new ones have a new insignia on them that is huge..

There is a store on ebay that still sells some of the old rags shorts. I just ordered a pair a few days ago. My size wasn't listed but I sent him a question and he said he was going to the rags factory the next day and he said he would take a look to see if my size happened to be hiding somewhere. And Luckly it was!!! He listed it the very next day for me!
We are the only UK and European dealers for NoGi and we also are in the process of becoming the dealer for Rags.
As for the sizes of the NoGi shorts (VB style) we have a couple of pairs of their XXL size which is according to the label is around a 440-41" waist. I know they dont sell them normally though.
from one surrey boy to another
very interested!!!
well i found a supplier for some of their products i have only added the shorts for now.. this stuff is very expensive..
Ok, this may be a stupid question, but are the sizes that same in the US as in CDN..