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Anyone had seminar with rodrigo Gracie?


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Jun 25, 2003
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I'll probably get few or no replies but has anyone had a seminar with him? How was it like? Anyone test for blue? reason Im asking is because in November he is coming to charlottesville. I'l be testing for my blue and just want to know what to expect. Thanks
he does good seminars, you should be able to learn a lot from him.
what rank is lamont now??
guardpasser said:
he does good seminars, you should be able to learn a lot from him.
what rank is lamont now??

Lamonte is a 2nd stripe purple I believe. I think he is going to test for third stripe sometime soon.
We had a Rodrigo seminar at our gym and it was very good. Not only is he a good teacher, but he is also easy to talk and get along with and has all kinds of interesting stories. Hes not the kind of black belt that will just roll with anyone in the school though (at least he wasnt at our academy). My friend tested to his blue, he didn't even really "test" though. Our coach just let Rodrigo know that he was about due for his blue, so Rodrigo kept an eye on his throughout the seminar and the drills, and wrapped the blue belt around him at the end of the seminar. Afterwards about three other guys and myself went with Rodrigo to get sushi which was definintly interesting.
i went with some guys and him to get pizza after a seminar, he has some really good stories to tell
That is cool, he sounds pretty down to earth. I here that about Roger aswell, I mean, I know the Gracies aren't Hollywood actors, but I'd assum that some would think they were more than the average MMA warrior.
^More aimed at the second generation. I mean, if Royce, Rickson & Rorion thought they were something special to MMA, then, well they are. Helio also.
Rodrigo is giving a no gi seminar at my school tomorrow (9/18/05). Since its no gi, he probably wont be testing or awarding belts but I will let you know how it went.
Ok, Rodrigo came to our school yesterday for a four hour no-gi seminar. It went really well. He is a cool guy, very nice. I was completely spent after the seminar and sore from head to toe today.

We did a little warm-up and got right into it. He would have us pair up and put us into a position. For instance one would be in side control and the other on bottom. The guy on bottom would try to escape or put partner in guard, the other would try to mount or submit. Whenever one would win we would start over. After probably five minutes we would switch. After that he would go over some mistakes he saw and offer advice and different techniques for escape or submission. He did this with virtually every position you could find yourself in. Very informative. He also went over takedowns and set ups for takedowns for NHB fighting.

Like I said, the seminar was mainly position orientated and it was no-gi. We all had a great time and learned alot. He rolled with many students from white to brown. He is a very humble guy and his jiu-jitsu knowledge and technique is unreal. If you get a chance, take a seminar with him and a private if possible.