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Jan 6, 2006
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hey i've been having a little trouble getting out of side-control. i'm shrimping and whatnot. any tips for if the guy is strong. i just find it's a tough position cuz u don't wanna make any mistakes. anything offensive? anything would help, thanks
Get your inside arm under his body and by his waist. Get your outside hand on his armpit. push off his armpit and if he gives resistence, stop pushing and begin to pull with your underhook. Slide your ass out, keep a hand on his body and sprawl. If he doesn't give resistence to your initial push on his armpit, then just slide your knees back in, and look for a sweep.
My explaination may have been a bit shaky, but give it a shot. Once you start to get the motion down, you will know it and use it a lot. It should be a very quick move once you get the hang of it.
when i'm rolling against stronger opponents and i can't pull guard in that situation, i've had reasonable success going for armbar/pressing armbar combos from there. so assuming your opponent has you in side control with his knees on your right side: you have your right knee in against his stomach, but you're having trouble getting him in guard. control his right arm against your chest, use your left forearm to bridge against his neck so you can swing your left leg over his head to go for the armbar. if it seems like you're not gonna be able to hold the submission, pin his left wrist between the right side of your neck and your right shoulder, let him pull out his right arm, continue to control his upper body with your left leg, and just use your arms to press down on his his left elbow from there.

i hope you know which moves i'm talking about, because that's probably not the greatest description. i dont know what your experience level is, so i don't know how much detail i should go into.
underhook with your arm the side that you will be scooting your hips to. Use your other arm to push the knee in your side away as you scoot your hips. You might not get your legs out all the way, but thats ok because if you just kick into half guard you can work your way into a sweep or shrimp again into full guard.
thanks.. pretty good explanations! lcd, yours i like but am i trying to stand up by pulling? a little confused, but i like the option of standing if need be...
Ok, I think I screwed up the explanation. Your partner is on your right side. Slide your right hand under his body and underhook his waist. The other hand is on his left armpit (near your face). Now, here's where I screwed it up:

1. Push with your left hand
A. If he gives resistance, stop pushing as you begin to pull with your right arm. This process should allow you to slide your hips out. From here, you should be in a posistion where you can keep that right arm attached to his body so that you will end up with him on his hands and knees and you at his head, sprawled out from which you could take his back, stand, guillotine, etc.
B. If he gives no resistence, slide your knees in for guard/half guard and begin to play from there.

I think you need to give this a shot because I know my explanation is tough to understand. You will need to practice a few times. The move WILL be quick once you begin to do it properly. It's all about the hips.

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