Anyone from TRUTH read this board?

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Ive sent them a couple emails in the past week or two but got no response. Am looking to buy a pair of shorts from them but they are out of stock. Anyone have any info on this matter?
They used to have someone on the board but I havent seen them on here for a while
You know about as much as anyone else here...

I sent a few emails also - no reply yet. The Truth Fightwear guy here goes by "Arclight". He hasn't posted in a while either. I hope to hear from him if/when he re-stocks his products

I bought about 10 MMA gloves from Truth for my club about 4 months ago. I had a question that was promptly answered via email and the service/shipping was great. The gloves were cool too.

I'd love to try out the boardshorts, and I'm even passing on buying Sprawl or another brand until I get the Truth shorts. I'm not sure I can wait much longer, though.
I heard from Paul last week stating that his stuff was getting ready to be shipped to him from overseas. I hope he gets them in soon, I'm waiting on some stuff from him also.
Id like to see them get a few new colors too. Some white/black/grey camo would be cool, dunno why but i like that kind of camo. At 20 bucks a pair you cant go wrong. How are their gloves?
Their gloves are great, just like the Ouano's. They hit like a truck. We have the same gloves.
SSF thanks for the update on a competitors merchandise. It shows that you are a quality company. I am waiting to get some of the new Truth shorts and Paul doesn't post updates.
Does he get his stuff from Pakistan or something? Just asking because I still don't know how he can sell his stuff so cheap. His prices are ridiculous, but I love the man for that!
Oh yeah just to give you guys a heads up, as soon as his stuff hits I'm gonna be buying as much as I can afford :D
ClampXVII said:
Does he get his stuff from Pakistan or something? Just asking because I still don't know how he can sell his stuff so cheap. His prices are ridiculous, but I love the man for that!

Most guys get their stuff from over seas. Few actually manfacture everything here in the states. XFGear is the only one I can think of.
Hello everyone,

Sorry I have been a ghost. My new day job, while great careerwise is also a real bastard in terms of time commitment when I'm at the end of projects.

In the meantime, however, stuff is still going on in the background - the gear arrived earlier this week and I finally got it all inventoried and up on the site. The order was like 6 weeks delayed partially because I am low priority for the maker compared to the other, bigger brands he manufactures for, and because the earthquake in Pakistan really threw the entire country for a loop.

The stuff is here now, boardshorts and gloves on this run, including size 40 and 42 shorts and the newer 8oz 2-layer gel gloves, which have about a 1" thick pad.

As to to the question of sources, yes, the majority of MA and MMA gear makers source their stuff from India and Pakistan, some from China in extreme cases. Ringside themselves sources the majority of their stuff from production in India and Pakistan, with even some of the leathers that go into their (USA-made... actually just USA assembled) Ultimate series is from India. India and Pakistan are huge when it comes to the manufacture of leather-based sporting goods such as balls, gloves, heavybags, etc.

I price what I think is fair. My overhead is super low. But really, the other guys have a lot more overhead and generally, a lot more markup as well. I have a day job, so I dont need to milk hardcore profit out of my MMA merchandise to live on.

Awesome. I am getting a pair of those board shorts.