Anybody used

I got apiar of shorts off of the site that were in stock. It took approx. 2 weeks for the shorts to arrive. But man it was worth the wait. thease Twins special K1 max shorts are nice
Just don't be shocked by the shipping costs!
ya, I actually have! I got a pair of kingstar wraps and a pair of raja handwraps. It took a little while to get here, but they did follow through. If you want speed I wouldn't do it, but with their selection you can get just about anything.
alright thanks guys, I just wanted to verify that they're legit and whatnot. Shipping costs aren't a problem and neither is the time it takes to get here (to a certain extent) so looks like I'm good to go! :D
i got a pair of twins gloves from there. I think it was about 3 and a half weeks. The shipping was about 35 dollars. shipped i was just under $70. The tracking number they gave me was usless. the package was at my do and the tracking said it was in transit still
Which shorts?

They also have an ebay account and they sell lots of stuff on there....for ALOT cheaper than their site. So look through their ebay store first.
If you dont mind waiting a bit they are great. Great slection and excellent customer service. They answer emails very quickly.