Anybody tried the Gracie Diet?

As stated above...

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He wants to know if hunting down Gracies to eat is worth the trouble.
^^^Well in that case ask this guy

the old gracies are tough and chewy and the young ones are too hard to catch. i gave up eating gracies a while ago.
Rickson has salty balls, but other than that, what i want to know is if anyone has any experience with Food Separation Theory, meaning that you are very careful about what types of food you combine in the same meal. It's what the Gracie diet is based upon, and some others believe it provides many benifits. I read an article by a guy named Don Lemmon i think, it was interesting but i have never really heard of this before, and then i stumbled upon the Gracie diet. I was wondering if anyone has tried this, and if it was effective. It seems like it would be difficult to incorporate this method into your diet. BTW, be careful when tossing Gracie salad
the gracie diet defeated 200 other diets and is undefeated in the diet world (excluding a sambo diet, the gracie diet didn't fully comprehend the rules at the time).

it is the diet of champions and regularly beats up other diets at the beach, making them say that the gracie diet is the best. it also practices yoga while wearing tight shorts.
Hmmm what can I add to this thread..."Rickson by armbar" is far to predictable...
i would like to put the kyra gracie diet in a rear nekad mount

saku is f***ing ripped!
I tried the Gracie diet for 2 months, and didn't notice any difference compared to a "normal" diet.

I had to abandon it because I thought it was more trouble than it was worth carrying around a list of foods that you can and cannot eat.