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Anybody here listen to the Beatles?

My mum is a Beatles fanatic, so I grew up listening to them, so yeah I like them.
Can't stand them. They began the "pop craze"... Ever since then young girls chase a band around like crazy for a month, then that band becomes old and the next "big thing on the scene" replaces them for the girls to chase. Fucking annoying.
how could you not like the Beatles? Most of their stuff still sounds fresh today. I only listen to them every now and then but their stuff is timeless. So many great songs. It's hard to know where to start really.
There should be more replies than this...

How about respect or at least appreciate the band and what they did for music?

This is appalling.

Dave, Cesaro, Meat, I know YOU guys must respect them?!?!?!?
I don't like the Beatles because all of their songs sound the same to me. Fans think they're all different and "fresh" as you said, but its all "I love you and oyu love me" or "Why don't you love me I love you" or of course the timeless, "You love me but I can't love you".

I don't have time to listen to that. I listen to music that people pour their hearts out into.

Metallica baby! Call of Ktulu!
i like them, helter skelter is my favorite song by them. paperback writer is probably my 2nd.
Everybodys got something to hide except for me and my monkey is good

my favourites are probably

"a day in the life" and "you never give me your money"
I actually think they were overated, bands like the doors and the jam are musically alot better.
I feel that although the Rolling Stones and a few other bands were tighter musically i feel the beatles are more influential by far
I'm kinda iffy on the Beatles. Their early stuff is too wishy washy for my tastes. I like their more abstract stuff, from the late 60s. I guess their stuff from that time can't help but be a little abstract, due to the massive amounts of acid they were on.
A little bit.. at least there not like the stones, still lingering on for no reason! I mean jagger looks like a freakin aids patient on stage, I don't get it?
The stones had some cool music up till the late 70's but now there fucking embarrising!
I love the Beatles, especially when they hit their stride. Musically, I think they were brilliant and lyrically they have some shit that is real poetry. I even like a lot of their solo shit, Wings and Lennon's stuff in particular. John and George were my favorite Beatles and Penny Lane is my favorite Beatles' song. Oh, and I like long walks on the beach and getting drunk with my puppies next to a warm fire.
I have a few bootlegs of when they used to play the star club and the kaiserkeller, they are not very good to be honest
Well done Jugg, you hit all cylinder as I knew you would. As far as "Black Bird", I thought Paul denied all overt social statement in the song. It can obviously be seen in the social context Manson mentions, and I agree that it's almost comical not to look at it that way. I remember looking into this question years ago, but I don't trust my memory as to Paul's (or the others') public take on this song in particular. You're acumen is obviously sharp in this area, what can you tell me.
If I remember rightly Get Back was about racial tension but the lyrics were such that they could be misconstrued as being racist, so they were changed into something less offensive
Interesting...the people who answered this are the ones I thought would.

In lieu of the Tool and Hendrix threads, I was curious to see who appreciated the Beatles here, because it was obvious most of you don't.

I learned more about the members here by asking this question than I would asking your biographies.

Maybe my next question should be Humphrey Bogart or James Cagney?

BTW, Juggs said all I would have and more.
Just rewatched the 50th anniversary Collector's edition of "Casablanca" last night. I couldn't choose between Cagney and Bogie, two of my top ten favorite actors.