Anybody ever used Ab-Jab???


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Apr 1, 2002
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check out the photo.

it is a crunch bar with a speed bag attached on top.
My girlfriend and I are moving in together and we are thinking about getting one.

Have any of you Sherdoggers used one??? Either own one or tried it out in the store???

Thank you!!!
I'm kinda ghetto.

I do something like this already with my thai bag. I lay down on the floor and alternate between having the bag in an open or closed guard. I'll switch from doing crunches to punching and then mixing it up with both. It's a fun workout more than anything else.
it looks like a fun time... I just want to know if it is sturdy.

I have the chin-up bar from BodyMaker (Japan only) that came with a sit up board... but it is WHACK!!! It isn't sturdy at all and constantly moves around while I tried to use it.
I kept the chin-up bar stand... and pitched the sit-up board.

Anyone else???
I might just convince my girl that we should invest in focus mitts.
ah... my birthday is coming up and my girlfriend just ordered it for me.
It'll be here soon and I'll update you all with a new thread!!!
thanks, that thing looks crazy, im anxious to see how it works out for you.