Anybody else compete/go to NAGA Phily (but really in NJ)?

Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by ChrmnMa0, Feb 8, 2016.

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    Talk about an utter shit show. If you were doing a class on the problem with greed - you could of recorded what happened and shown it. They waaaay over sold both competitors and spectators. At one point the fire marshal shut the entire thing down, forcing everybody to leave. 20 minutes turned into over an hour and a half. When they finally let people back in, you had to remember that they started kids very late and had to resume with them. That was around 2 something. I ended up getting a refund because they had the more experienced divisions going last and I had tickets to stellar fights that night.
    There was no mention of this on their website, an apology, or anything. A day wasted. I really feel bad for those that decided to cut weight.
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    Yeah I was there as a competitor. Here's the thread I made about it. (I did terrible)

    That had to be the most poorly organized event (of any kind) I've ever been to in my life. I probably should've tried to get a refund myself but figured I was already there, registered and weighed-in so I just said fuck it.

    Waited outside in the cold til around 2:30, then did a little stretching waiting for my division to be called. Went to check in at that ring with the ref and he tells me they moved my division to a different ring, and by the time I got over there they were calling my name and my opponent was waiting for me on the mat. Basically jumped out of my hoodie, shoes and socks, ran out on the mat, shook hands and tapped out, lol.
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    I didn't get there until about 4:30, and by that time things had mostly calmed down. I think I'm done with NAGA, though. The number of completely exasperated people was startling, and it's incredible Kipp hasn't issued an apology or the reason for such a late start. Anybody who was made to stand in the cold and then still competed is a better person than I am. I really only do NAGA because I can get opponents who are my age.

    It seems like NAGA used to split up tournaments expected to get big numbers into a 2-day event. I guess it wasn't cost-effective enough for them.

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