any tips on beating cravings? any healthy cheats?


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Jun 11, 2010
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losing weight and eating the same thing over and over even rotating meals still leaves one including myself craving for some sweets.

When losing weight I tend to have, oats, chicken, meats, brown rice, fruits and vegetables about 4-5 meals a day every 2-3 hours. But then there comes that time were you tell yourself "just this once, and all sudden pig out on any junk food in front of you"

any advice on beating cravings, or healthy cheats?
Personally I find what works for me is having one cheat day a week where you just eat whatever you want. It helps with the cravings, and if your diet is spot on the rest of the week, one day shouldn't really affect your weight loss. I've only hit one plateau so far and it lasted just the one weigh in week. I gained one pound back, but then lost more than that the following week. You just have to play around and see what works for you.
eat fruit and cheese. after awhile you'll find fruit sweet enough, maybe even too sweet. it goes well with a slice of cheese. the cheese is satiating. and delicious. often in the afternoon I'll have a banana, an orange, and a piece of Camembert or cheddar cheese. in total it's only about 150 calories, and it's quite satisfying.

the other side of the equation is to simply beat your cravings, don't give in.
Edit: What was said up there ^^^^ It took me about two weeks with no 'cheats' Now berries and fruit are more than sweet enough

I have planned cheat meals. Usually one a week. But I keep it reasonable.

Other than that I just ask myself, "How bad do you want it?" Eventually it becomes habit. That and a bit of competition. The competition is between me and a 'normal' guy. I think about what a normal guy would do. He would eat that junk food. But I'm superior to him. So, I don't have that junk food.
1) Don't keep any junk in the house...this makes it much easier to not be tempted

2) Things that are sweet but still clean are good choices - Fruit, sugar free jello, orange Metamucil is good and filling, etc
It depends what you are craving and how well you're satisfied afterwards.

If it's sweets, maybe make a fruit smoothie. Put some honey and a little aspartame in there to sweeten it up a little. But like everyone else said, eventually fruit will become sweet enough.

If you are just craving something small like say, a donut. Just go out and eat a donut. Or if you're craving some gummy worms, go grab some. If it's just a one time thing that will help satiate your cravings and keep you on the right track then by all means do it. A few times a week eating little things like that isn't going to hurt if you are eating great otherwise. Or just having a cheat day works fine too.
olives, fruit, cheese, spoonful of almond or peanut butter. Sushi is good if you got the $$
crystal light or some diet drinks (diet snapple, etc) can help a lot as well. so can things like sugar free jello
Customize your diet to foods you like. I am not saying eat junk around the clock. Eat foods you like or make unhealthy foods healthy. Good Luck
If its a case of youve got a sweet tooth, things like dates and honey can take the edge off, and are also good for you.
Haha, man I laughed my ass off at that one. No offense but that sounds like something an anorexic teenage girl would say.

Hey when you are cutting weight and have a specific number of calories to hit in a day, the fiber helps in between.
Try drinking 591ml of whole milk. I did this yesterday and I still feel full today
here's something that sounds weird but tastes good

egg whites (cook into an omlete, no seasoning on it)
almond or natty pb
cinnamon sprinkled on top of it
This is my cheat, this and some berries/fruit:


Its SKYR, its an Icelandic type of youghurt, allthou technically its cheese but whatever.

Nutritional info:

100 g of product.:
energy 265 kJ (62 kcal)
protein 11,2 g
Carbohydrat 3,9 g
Of whom 3,6 g is sugar
fat 0,3 g
Of whom 0,1 g is saturated
fiber 0,4 g
natrium 0,05 g
Calsium 97 mg (12 %1*)
* Of referance value

I doubt that particular brand is outside norway, but you should be able to maybe find some other brand of Skyr. Beats cottage ughCheese by miles! As it tastes delicious
Another good thing is dark chocolate which is full of antioxidants helps keep you satisfied (not wanting to eat) and it's not really that many calories either a small serving is good enough :icon_chee
My healthy "cheat" is a fuckload of mixed nuts (no homo). Mind you i eat so many by this stage that it cant really be considered a cheat more like an addiction. I dont know how people limit themselves to a handful of macademias, once i start the bag is gone.