Any serious grapplers in the Lansing area?


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Mar 10, 2002
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I'm not a BJJ practicioner in the slightest...I consider my style 100% catch-as-catch-can wrestling and folkstyle wrestling...and I suppose, a little bit of judo... the same time, I like to be able to measure my skills against seriously training practicioners of BJJ as well as grappling. In Kalamazoo, I have Southside Dojo to train at...and in Coldwater, I have Dan Severn's establishment, which I commute to when I can.

However, in East Lansing, though I have friends who dearly love grappling, I am not in contact with anyone serious on the level of the Southside Dojo fellows or the Coldwater fellows.

I took a lesson at American Fitness and Martial Arts with Daniel Smith, and found the lack of live rolling and the emphasis on "street" defense wanting in so far as what I was looking for. I know Sam Wells and Rashad Evans are lurking about in the Lansing area, but I lack contacts for either man. Anyone know where THEY train at or where Sam Wells holds classes at?

Furthermore, if anyone is a serious BJJ'ist or grappler in the Lansing or East Lansing area looking for someone to train with who knows of viable places to train at, please contact me at:

[email protected]

Or just PM me.
You got Saulo Ribeiro and Xande Ribeiro in Detroit area. Not sure if you want to drive that far.

Thanks for the reply man. I wasn't asking about places to train in Michigan; 1, I already have that and 2. I'm not a BJJ'ist like I said, and I'd stick with the group at Southside Dojo or Coldwater before I went to a BJJ school. But I was looking for some place that would be convenient for me while I was in East Lansing. I might have a fight on the 6th and if not then, probably in March, so I wanted to have continuous training.

BTW--my e-mail is [email protected] PM or e-mail me some time if you ever wanna get together and roll. Southside Dojo has some really good guys, and unlike at Severn's, its easy to find a time to just drop in and roll around, whenever. Even though I'm not a BJJ'ist, rolling with BJJ'ists is great for exposing potential holes in new techniques I try out.